She broke up and moved on. But still he Hope for her return. That’s what love does…

His words..

We had plans to marry each other. She broke for reasons best known to her. I accepted her decision. We still used to care about each other. Unconsciously both of us never moved on. Unfortunately she still had to leave me and I still had to accept that respecting her decision. Right now I can’t tell this to her. She won’t understand it. She hasn’t got the guts to fight or who knows if it’s possible that she has stopped loving me. To me worst thing in this world is to know that you’ll never be able to fulfill your dream and somewhere in your heart you are still hopeful.


Love what you do!

It’s not about the place where you working, it’s how effective you’re. Chennai is usually hot most of the months in a year. Everyday, He used to inspire 1000 of people and made them happy.  #Chennai #Shollinganallur